Viewfinder Preview is an iPhone app for previewing camera framing for any combination of camera and lens. Instead of spending all that time setting up your big camera, just choose your desired film/sensor size and focal length in the app and point the iPhone camera at what you want to photo to verify framing. If you are happy with the framing then you can get the big camera out. The app has a large database of camera sensors details and film formats but if the format you desire isn’t there you can add your own custom format. The app is targeted at stills photographers or film makers working in either film or digital. If you don’t have your big camera with you, Viewfinder Preview is still great for photo sketching, location scouting or story boarding.

The app includes

  • Customisable menus so you can include the film formats and focal lengths you care about.
  • Preset film formats for many of the commonly used cameras.
  • If your camera isn’t available you can add in custom camera formats.
  • A fully configurable light meter.
  • You can take photos with it, so you have a record of shots you were framing.
  • Photos taken with the app include additional data that describe the film format, focal length and lighting meter settings at the time the shot was taken.
  • Add notes to your photos.
  • A photo gallery for viewing photos taken with the app which also displays the additional data.
  • Film stock emulation filters.
  • Wide angle lens adapter support.

Download on the App Store


Version 1.4

Version 1.4 of Viewfinder Preview is now available in the App Store. This version includes a new version of the rangefinder mode. In addition to displaying a box for the selected focal length it will include other focal lengths that are included in your focal length menu. These will be greyed out so they don’t …

Version 1.3.3

Version 1.3.3 of Viewfinder Preview is now available in the App Store. This update includes storing the ISO, aperture and shutter speed stop increments with each film format setup. It also fixes a couple of bugs related to the storing of various data with the film format setup. And finally a crash bug has been …