Viewfinder Preview

Camera framing app for iPhone

Version 1.0.1

The first update to Viewfinder Preview is out. This has only a few minor changes.

I have added a bunch of new film format presets. A Digital 645 preset that covers the Hasselblad x1D, Fujifilm GFX 50S and the Pentax 645Z has been added. A series of cinema camera film formats have also been added. Because the number of film format presets has grown I have split them into multiple sections to make them easier to find. Where necessary some film format presets have had descriptions added to them.

There is a new entry in the settings menu to go to the App Store and give Viewfinder Preview a review. Also the app will request a review very infrequently. I’d much appreciate it if you all went ahead and did that. Thank you.

App development will continue. I have a number of features I would like to add. Some of these are just ideas and some are half way through development. There will be more updates in the near future. Watch this space.

You can see the release notes here.