Viewfinder Preview

Camera framing app for iPhone

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 of Viewfinder Preview is now available in the iPhone App Store. The major change for version 1.5 is the film emulation renderer has been completely rewritten to improve its speed and efficiency. There had been reports of film emulation being slow on earlier iPhone models and the it was quite battery hungry. This was especially true of the plus size models. The new version of the renderer has fixed the speed issues and should be much more battery efficient. In addition to the film emulation rewrite there was an additional optimisation to the histogram generation. The plus size model phones were taking longer to generate the histogram. This change ensures the generation time is consistent across all models.

Outside of the optimisations there were a number of other issues addressed. A bug where the Rangefinder mode would not always set the correct zoom while taking a photo has been resolved and a memory leak in the Journal has been fixed.

Finally Sony cinema camera formats have been added to the film/sensor format presets.

You can see the full release notes here.